Church of St. Mary


First NY Church Dedicated to Mary, Founded in 1826

Holy Week

Easter Schedule

Holy Thursday9AM  –  Tenebre Chanted in Latin with English and Spanish readings.8PM  – Mass of the Lord’s SupperThe church will remain open until midnight. Good Friday9AM  –  Tenebre Chanted in

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Bulletin 6.5.22

Pentecost Sunday

“How does each of us hear them in his native language?” is the marvel that the many assembled witnessed when the Holy Spirt granted to humanity the healing of Babel. That each must tell their own story in their own tongue has been transformed to this universal story that everyone hears in a meaning that you can only access in your native tongue. Even the difference between “lengua nativa” in Spanish with “idioma” the common work for language seperates the word from the meaning of the word. Pentecost unites these…

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Bulletin 5.22.22

Sixth Sunday of Easter

First Holy Communion coincides with the birth of conscience for young people. Our conscience seeks to communicate in Jesus with the Father. We pray in our Eucharistic Prayers that the faithfully departed will behold the face of God as the fulness of living in God and it prepares us to receive the body of Christ. We pray that these children begin this path to holiness to live heaven in their earthly lives. We become what we do.

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Bulletin 5.15.22

Fifth Sunday of Easter

This week I have written a poem called “Woke Robin” that Doug Balliett is putting to music at the noon mass. The poem is based on Revelations 21, a favorite passage of mine, the second reading of the mass today, that I often have the groom in a wedding read to welcome the bride. “Revelation” as such simply means “lifting the veil.” Marriage was typically the first time that the groom would meet his bride…

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