Ecclesial Wear
Designed by Father Andrew

The Soul of Our Parish
is Making

Chasubles and Clerical Shirts

The sewing workshop in St. Mary is a fully equipped cutting and sewing facility of Goods of Conscience, an extension of a not-for-profit called “Arts of Sisters and Priests.” We create new chasubles for custom orders. Please contact the rectory for more details.

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Albs for Priests, Deacons and Altar servers are available in two styles and two weights of our trademarked “social fabric” a handwoven from Guatemala. Monastic and “Pope’s Coat.” Fabric is both linen and canvas weight. It comes in “crudo” and in bleached white. Please contact the rectory for more details.

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Father Andrew founded a non-profit organization, SacredArtHeals, in 2000,in order to collaborate with artists. In addition to his service of the Archdiocese, he is a visual artist and feels that church and art must go together like subject and verb, more so now because the paradigms of the sacred shift along with our lives. His projects have been tried and tested in Catholic parishes from Paris, France, to Pascagoula, Mississippi, and are meant to be copied. In 2004, Fr. Andrew founded Goods of Conscience, as a means of artistic expression and parish community.

Goods of Conscience

Goods of Conscience™ is socially-conscious clothing that looks good, feels good and does good. From the Mayan Indians who weave the organic fibers to the Bronx seamstresses who hand sew each garment, workers are provided a fair, living wage and the dignity of knowing what they have created is of value.

Goods of Conscience™ was conceived in 2005 by Father Andrew O’Connor, a New York Diocesan priest serving in the Bronx, during a religious retreat in the mountains of Guatemala. Witnessing the plight of the indigenous poor, Father Andrew sought to create a more just economic model that would preserve theancient (but disappearing) art of traditional Mayan backstrap weaving and provide a living wage and dignity to the weaver.

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The Church of St. Mary will celebrate its Bicentennial Anniversary on Pentecost Sunday, May 26, 2026

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