Let us practice looking up into the heavens.  
Geometry proposes that whether close, middle or far
all angles sigh infinite sighs.  You are standing beneath
and are determined by the heaven sent that changes but does not change: light and water.
If neither water splashed, beaded, foamed
nor light reflected, refracted nor shone over any rock, pebble or bone
has altered for any observable fragment of eternity 
can movement itself differ in its furthest remove
from this earth?

A hardanger fiddle plays and sounds at the same time
and a theorbo grounds

its notes in bass and degree.
Looking down you can look up,
The “not-‘there” is imagined and set 
free from seeking to gazing
and even beholding.

She appeared when Juan Diego 
let the roses fall at the Bishop’s feet.

He saw first the reaction of the Bishop.
He has to look down and saw her head first.

What did it feel like to wear that tilda?
Heaven did this. She is pregnant.

Or am I?

Feast of St. Nicholas 
December 6, 2021

Performed December 12, 2021 St. Mary Church noon mass.  Gaudete Sunday
Music Composed by Doug Balliett and performed by him on the bass, Majka Demcak on the violin, Elliot Figg on the harpsichord, Cullen Coty O’Neil on viola, bass baritone Taylor Ward