“Repent and believe in the Gospel.” As we begin our Lenten pilgrimage, this year is marked with invasion in the Ukraine, a European war that we thought was part of black and white photos and an antiquarian fight of good against evil. Weren’t the forces of evil defeated? We do not escape history. It is composed of the war we carry with ourselves, our duplicities and the painfully tragic circumstances that run a current beneath us. The Gospel is the singular good news in history. Pope Francis has asked us the fast and pray on Ash Wednesday. Of course we fast and pray on Ash Wednesday and joyfully so. At the end of the final Ash Wednesday mass this March 2nd we will have a brief moment before the Blessed Sacrament until 9PM. Each subsequent Wednesday we will meet in the yellow room at 7:30pm and conduct “Synodal listening,” the directive this year from Pope Francis to meet and to plumb the spirit in our midst for our prophetic future. A Holy Hour from 8 to 9 will follow. All are welcome. The meetings will be held bilingually. —Fr. Andrew